For some businesses, purchasing a label printer makes more sense than outsourcing your printing needs. Although it is nice to have someone else worry about another piece of equipment while you just order more labels as needed, sometimes it’s better to keep that part of your operation under your own roof.

  • Product changes are easy to keep up with. If your marketing team recommends re-brandingLabel Printer your product, you can have labels that reflect that change without shipping delays.
  • Only print as needed. When you rely on an outside printer service, you must anticipate how many labels you need to order. If you order more than you can use, you’ve wasted money. When you don’t order enough, you risk failing to fulfill your customers’ orders on time. When you print them yourself, you retain the flexibility to print them according to  actual orders you receive.
  • Customized orders are easy. If your business provides custom packaging to your customers, it’s easy to print labels that meet their requirements on the spot. You don’t need to serve as a middle man between your customer and your printing service.

When choosing a printer, you’ll want to look at its speed and how many shapes of labels it can accommodate. A printer that uses rolls of labels will be more efficient than one that uses sheets of paper. If there is no reason to anticipate that the shape or style of your packaging will change, you can look at models that are less expensive because they have limited capabilities. If you  regularly need different styles of labels, you may want to invest more money and avoid the frustrations of fitting a square peg into a round hole with your printer.

Do you prefer ink jet or laser printing? Both have pros and cons. Can you find an easy supply of replacement ink and blank labels?

Adazon carries multiple label printers as well as all of the necessary supplies to keep them running. We want to match your business to the right product. We can even help you decide if purchasing a printer is the right choice for you as we also offer a full array of custom printing services. To find out how this fits into your business plan, contact us. We’re happy to put our expertise in your hands.

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