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Our custom capabilities in label manufacturing cover a wide range of areas. First we will look at the types of equipment that allow us to run both short run label jobs and very large run label jobs at peak efficiency. Then we can look at custom materials used for special applications.

Short run labels can be jobs with just a few of the same label or small quantities with many versions. Both of these types of jobs lend themselves to running on our digital press equipment. With digital printing, there are no plates involved in the process so that cost is eliminated right away. The versions are made in a program like Adobe Illustrator or some other type of vector art software and sent to the printer with the quantity to print. The second version can be right behind it and sent at the same time making the entire job run with only one setup.

Digital die cutting is also great for short run label printing and can be done in line with the digital printing press. This eliminates the need for costly dies to cut the shape of the label. This is a process of creating another layer in Adobe Illustrator for the die lines. As the print job is sent to the printer, the die lines are sent to the cutter. The printer prints, the digital die cutter cuts and in one pass, the labels are finished in any shape, any colors, and finished on rolls ready to ship. The cost savings are tremendous on short to medium run custom labels.

Flexo printing is still the gold standard in medium to long run label jobs. These presses require plates for each color, and dies for each shape. The setup is a little more extensive but once the press is running, the label costs drop significantly the longer the same job runs. For very large jobs, the labels can be run with multiple up on a roll and then finished down on single rolls off press.

The types of label and tag material that can run on these presses run across the board. Standard paper labels can be run in a direct thermal, laser label, inkjet label, thermal transfer label, magnetic, and EDP stocks. Finished can be matte, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, and floodcoated in fluorescents or any other color.

Adhesives can be from static cling, ultra removable, removable, standard permanent, aggressive, and tire adhesives just to name a few. We even have a ceramic label material where when heated, the adhesive dissipates and the ceramic will become imbedded in the steel roll it is placed on in a furnace.

4 color process labels have vibrant colors and are key to so many customers marketing their products. Our processes allow us to protect the image with a UV varnish or laminate. Coupon labels that are folded and contain instructions under the label are also a common product for us.

All of these custom label and tag solutions can be performed and shipped direct from the plant floor to your door saving storage costs and 3rd party handling costs that many other providers hide in their pricing. We do offer blanket order pricing and other flexible options, so please contact us with any custom label requirement.