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Solutions In A Box

Solutions In A Box

Complete easy to purchase, easy to develop, and easy to use solution bundles for Government, Field Service, Healthcare, Education, Warehouse and Distribution, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, and Point of Sale. This category has pre-bundled packages tailored to specific industries and applications within these industries. Significant time has been spent to put together the printers, scanners, data collection devises, cables, and consumables needed to just open the box, install and begin using.

We put all the necessary products into one SKU within one box to include hardware, software and critical accessories needed to complete an entire solution. Some bundles require final software purchase from the software vendor. All configurations will be done prior to shipment.

By developing stratigic partnerships with best in class independent software companies, and world class harware manufacturers, our solutions in a box provides a jump start customers looking for real business solutions. Knowing that any software offering will not perfectly fit every application, we have aligned independent software vendors that can easily make modifications or enhancements that will meet your specific needs.

Each bundle includes a one to two page "OPEN ME FIRST" document outlining how to get started. Key areas are emphasized to allow customers to learn the basics of the application quickly and easily. Within days, all users are up to speed and using the solution to more effectively manage their job. Users will increase productivity, streamline business processes, improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and realize an increased return on investment.