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Mail Seals

Mail Seals

For many businesses or non-profits, getting the word out on brochures, self-mailers featuring promotions and offers, and other mailing items to new or potential customers and members plays an important role in marketing. But if your brochure is not sealed properly, you run the risk of not getting your mail sent out in a timely manner, or paying extra to recover any pieces of mail that failed to get delivered. Because the U.S. Postal Service sorts mail through automation, unsealed brochures, postcards, or other marketing materials can be hard to process, or get damaged through the machine.

Save time and money for both you and the post office by buying quality wafer sealers to help keep your mail in order according to post office regulations, while making it easy to open for the receivers.

We offer 5 different types of seals to suit your needs. Our .75 inch x .75 inch and translucent 1 inch x 1 inch perforated wafers are great seals that will hold your mail together, while making it easy to open upon delivery. We also have a 1 inch x 1 inch white and translucent wafer seals, with a second model that can be fed through a pinfeed label machine for easy and fast application.

In addition, below you can see an illustration of where to place the wafers on your mail, according to the U.S. Postal Service's guide on sealing commercial letters and postcards. For more information, you can visit USPS's quick guide at their website, which outlines their rules and restrictions. To learn more about mail seals and get more details on our products, contact us.

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