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Preprinted Custom Labels

Preprinted Custom Labels

Count on Adazon to get your label job done right.

Custom or preprinted barcode labels for your product marketing is the number one strength for Adazon. We produce 4 color process labels and spot color label in any quantity. If it is a small run, then we can use our digital process. If it is a large run, then we will use our web presses to get the finest quality to you fast. No job is too small or large. Just give us a call with your size and quantity and we can get to work on a price for your preprinted barcode labels or custom process labels today.

Preprinted barcode labels are no problem for Adazon. Place your order today and we can ship them within 24 hours. We can match any standard and symbology needed. If you need custom numbering sequences with alpha numeric characters, we can preprint the barcode labels with no problem.

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Count on Adazon to get your job done right. Below are just some of the custom labels that we have produced. We make these every day so call for a quote and experience our speed and quality of service.

Labels are an important item in the printing industry. The infinite variety of their application creates a stable demand for labels coming from practically every business type. Whether you are a producer or a provider of services, labels on the produced items or promotional materials will tell your customers about your product or company. Development of custom labels with a clear visual identity serves multiple purposes including:

- Providing information. By using a label you can let your customers know what you deem important about your product as well as convey the required information. Various fonts of different styles, sizes and colors used in custom labels will help you to emphasize the relevant information while visual effects will convey non-verbally the purpose and philosophy of your company. Product description, ingredients, application rules, manufacturing data, promotional offers, recommendations, recipes, warnings and other pieces of information on your custom labels will form a part of your company image.


- Promotion of your company and products. Custom labels may be produced in order to attract attention of your customers to a product or a service as well as their special characteristics, such as special components, price or service life. Colors, logos, design elements and special effects such as foil, embossed printing, iridescent paints, holographic images or even Braille inscriptions are used on custom labels to create a unique corporate image easily recognizable by the customers.


- Easier handling. Apart from customers, labels may contain essential elements to be used by for producers, suppliers and distributors. Labels containing reference codes, barcodes or serial numbers facilitate handling and storing of products as well as their further processing.


- Added value to your product or service. Labels constitute a crucial part of product styling. Unique and elegant custom labels made of durable and water resistant materials will testify to the quality of your product or service. Additional information provided on custom labels or their inserts such as a useful tips, recipes, scientific facts, funny stories, promotional stickers or codes will increase the value of your product in the eyes of the customers.

Custom labels vary according to their application and purpose. Different types of products, such as alcohol, cosmetics, toys, cleaning agents or food products require different types of custom labels corresponding to the product characteristics and standard requirements. Thus, sticker labels suit perfectly for solid products of regular shapes while products with irregular shapes and loose materials, e.g. stuffed animals require hang labels. Some commonly used labels are:

- Paper labels

Paper labels are generally made from high-quality paper with various finishes including uncoated textured paper, gloss, matt, supercalendered, fluorescent, metallic and other types of coatings. Printing methods vary according to the nature and viscosity of paints and the applied materials and include flexographic printing, silk-screening, lithographic printing, relief printing, as well as combination of polygraphic methods.

- Self-adhesive labels

Self-Adhesive labels are the most common and cost-efficient type of labels consisting of a base, surface material and adhesive layer. Self adhesive labels are produced in rolls or sheets and used for a wide variety of products. Depending on their application, different types of surface material is used, including paper, carton, foil, fabric, plastic film and others. Types of glues also vary depending on the intended characteristics of labels, making them detachable and permanent. Self-adhesive labels may be produced blank, pre-printed or customized according to the purpose of a client.

- Direct thermal labels

Are labels with limited durability used by retail centers for printing of data on thermal printers or scales or for marking of freight in the course of storage and transportation. They are resistant to low temperature, humidity and mechanical damage.

- Heat-shrink sleeve labels

Heat-shrink sleeve labels are highly durable labels produced from synthetic materials such as polyester film which under heat treatment take the shape of a product (usually a bottle) and may be used both as a label and a seal.

Production of blank, pre-printed and custom labels is a highly competitive field where new technologies and printing methods constantly appear in pursuit of better quality, production speed and attractive pricing. Choosing the right type of label among the existing variety may be a hard task but the right choice will surely pay off attracting new customers and consolidating your market position.