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LXE HBM-HX2LX Replacement Battery

LXE HBM-HX2LX Replacement Battery

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Replacement Battery for LXE hx2e/hx3e, Honeywell hx2/hx3 high capacity type: Scanner Battery



SAFETY FEATURES: This battery pack incorporates safety devices designed to prevent damage, overheating, fire or explosion in case of such as accidental short-circuits or use of a wrong or faulty charger. Individual electrical cells comprise a reasonable safety vent to prevent the buildup of a resealable safety vent to prevent the buildup of internal pressure. Li-ion battery packs contain additional circuitry designed to prevent overcharging and over-discharging, which can harm the internal cells and lead to premature battery end-of-life, and be swelling in extreme cases.

Replacement Battery for LXE hx2e/hx3e, Honeywell hx2/hx3 high capacity type: Scanner Battery

Replaces Part: HX2A302BATEXT

Chemistry: LI-ION

Voltage: 7.4

Capacity: 4000 mAh

Watt Hour: 29.60 Wh


Additional Information

Manufacturer LXE
Color Black
Width (in) 43.5
Height (in) 27.5
Depth (in) 125
Length (ft) No

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