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Label Rewinders

Label Rewinders

Adazon carries a wide selection of label rewinder machines. Whatever type and size of labels you use, we have the label rewinder to fit your needs. These heavy-duty label rewinders were built tough to operate smoothly even in rugged environments and industrial settings.

Our label rewinders are made by Labelmate®, and are built to be long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle any job you throw at them! Of course we carry the Cat-3 (Constant Adjustable Torque) label rewinder machine in versions with several options, and we also offer Mini Cat-10 and Mini Cat-11 label rewinders that are smaller versions of the Cat-3 and are powerful label rewinders in their own right. All of these machines perform well and offer a consistently uniform rewind torque, making rewinding a quicker and easier job.

Browse our huge collection of label rewinder machines, and you’re sure to find the one (or more than one) that fits your needs exactly. If you have any questions, simply give us a call at 1-800-305-7343 and we’ll be happy to help.

Elements to know about label rewinders include many of the following as you make your selection.

First, will the label rewinder be continuous duty or just occasional use?  This will make a difference on choosing one of the heavy duty line of rewinders, or a less expensive import found on other sites.  We at Adazon suggest and recommend top quality equipment for a number of reasons that include, durability, parts availability, and when you need one, it better work, right?

Second, when choosing your label rewinder you should know if you will always be rewinding onto a 3” core, a 1” core, or any size in between. The reason is that the most common is a 3” core, but if you get a rewinder that is set up for this, you will only be able to do 3” cores.  There is an option for a rewinder that has an adjustable core holder.  This option provides a lot of flexibility in case you need to change core sizes.  Many times we use this option if we get an order in on 1 “ cores and need to put them on 3” cores to fit our printers.

Does the printer matter when choosing this equipment? Yes, there are rewinders with tension controls, but some are stronger than others. If you use an inkjet printer for color labels, you should get a very light tension control. Inkjet printers do a lot of reversing to feed the label back into the printer for other colors. If the rewinder is too tight, it will drag on the labels making them smeared.  There are special units for these machines to prevent the reverse drag that causes the smear.

What is your outer diameter requirement? If you only wind 5 inch outer diameter rolls on a 1 inch core, the required re-winder is much less expensive than your standard 3 inch core 12 inch outer diameter unit. Make sure you have this dimension. It could save you on your purchase.

Finally some of these machines have a tension controller knob (speed control), a direction control toggle, and a torque toggle from high to low. These are all critical if you wind a lot of labels.  Tension control allows you to adjust both how fast the rewinder winds, and how much tension you want on the roll coming off of the printer.  The direction toggle allows you to wind labels either way so you the bulk of the machine is on either side. It allows you to use it for rolling label roll to roll as well if you have two machines. The torque switch allow you to utilize the label rewinder as a slitter where the machine will have enough torque to pull the liner through a knife.

All of these features have benefits and add to the costs.  Planning and knowing all of the above can help in the proper selection of a label rewinder that will last for years.  Still unsure of the correct unit? Give us a call. There are many other options not mentioned here like counters, inline slitters, real to real, and more. We look forward to helping with our label rewinder selection.