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Quality Barcode Supplies

For over ten years Adazon has both produced and distributed high quality barcode supplies from equipment to consumables. Our strength here at Adazon is for find the best solution for your everyday need whether it is a very complex application with Xylene resistance or maintaining the integrity of a barcode in a steel tempering furnace, to a standard application such as printing barcode labels for warehouse products.

Adazon tests many of the products we sell and only carry the top manufacturers with a proven history in quality. With the increase in imports and new brands hitting the market, it is critical to know you are getting the quality product that will work for your application.

Barcode printing equipment can include thermal transfer and direct thermal printers, label verification devices, and label management tools such as a label rewinder. Software is also critical to making the printing equipment work properly. Understanding the equipment quality need for your application can save on your investment.

Barcode scanning equipment can come in many different forms. From corded scanners, to cordless and from Batch to WIFI enabled devices the choices are endless. There are many brands and standards of quality in each of these brands that can be based on your specific application.

Labels and barcode ribbon consumables determine the end result of your printing quality. Some applications only require a temporary image and some require a high quality image that will last. Adazon has extensive experience in this area and can help prevent overinvestment or underinvestment in the proper consumables for the application.

Custom labels are many times an extension of your brand. When either showing a logo, instructions, identifying a call to action or warning, it is critical to have high quality in both the image and the adhesive characteristics of your custom label. Utilizing the top quality products from the main U.S. paper mills is the beginning step of making a quality label. Accessing only the top coaters in the industry for the adhesive and the face coating is the next step in consistency and longevity of both the adhesive and surface area for the image. Putting this all together and converting the label to the image and die cut sizes required take skilled press operators and quality press equipment to get the highest quality and consistency every time.

Look to Adazon to get it done right the first time and every time with high quality and consistency.